Hi, I’m Rebecca Duckworth.

barefoot coconut

I am a wellness coach and certified personal trainer who specialises in plant-based nutrition and nourishing exercise. I am a mother, wife and companion to two dogs. Labels aside, I am incredibly passionate about breastfeeding, home birthing, the beauty of nature and living a vibrant conscious natural life.

What is Barefoot Coconut…?

The name Barefoot Coconut was created from my love for food, movement and health adventures in this big beautiful world with an emphasis on a natural holistic approach with plant-based whole foods and doing exercise that enriches the soul. I believe in nourishment to thrive. This means eating nourishing foods, doing nourishing movement, leading a nourishing lifestyle, and loving the body inside out with nourishment through meditation and mindfulness.

Here’s a little secret…

I have been where you are, lost and confused with food and fitness.

In this ever expanding world of more information on food, health and fitness and getting lost along the way it is easy to become distracted and lose track. Over many years of research, education, work with clients and personal experiences with different exercise routines and approaches with food, I have gained an incredible understanding for nutrition, health and fitness and know what truly makes me feel good from deep within.

By sharing this information I hope to inspire you to prioritise your health and happiness and feel motivated to eat delicious food whilst enjoying moving the body and leading an enriched life.

barefoot coconut

Aside from Barefoot Coconut…

I have another blog Bodhi Beautiful which is a place to celebrate the beauty of life. You will find talk on plant-based food, breastfeeding (and everything motherhood related), veganism, mindfulness and coping with losing loved ones. I have written articles for SlendHer.com on women’s health and fitness, and developed plant-based recipes and health articles for PaleoHacks.com. I have been a photographer, cheerleading coach, fitness and conditioning coach, personal trainer, a tutor for personal trainers and worked in private studios for group personal training. This experience with coaching and helping people has helped tremendously in understanding the great depth of our mind-set and how we have the power to lead a vibrant life.

I was a dancer and cheerleader for many years which set my love for moving the body for pure joy. These days I enjoy being a mum, walking everyday with my GSP dogs in the beautiful countryside and practicing yoga, whilst nourishing my body with plant-based food.

I have created Barefoot Coconut for you.

I am here to guide you through a better relationship with food, a love for being active; and most importantly living a vibrant conscious life.

Dedicated to enriching the soul,

Rebecca Duckworth

barefoot coconut